Christine Webber


Hello, and welcome to my website!

You join me just as everything is changing. After decades of combining a counselling, journalistic and broadcasting career, I am now focusing almost entirely on writing fiction. I'm still doing some broadcasting and corporate work, and I also 'ghost' for a couple of major publishers. However, I always hoped that one day I would spend the bulk of my time writing novels - and that day has arrived.

My forthcoming novel, It's Who We Are, is again about the comedy and challenges of mid-life. It also highlights how family secrets tumble out of closets and filing cabinets as our parents grow too old to care for themselves. It will come out in January 2018.

Meanwhile, my last year's novel Who'd Have Thought It? continues to be popular as an ebook and paperback, and will shortly also become available as an audio book - in both digital and audio CD formats.

Here's a clip of me being interviewed by Helen McDermott and Darren Eadie about Who'd Have Thought It?