Christine Webber


After writing and broadcasting on mental health issues for years, and having been an agony aunt for various newspapers and magazines, I decided to train in psychotherapy. I began with a Regent?s College diploma course in integrative psychotherapy and hypnosis. After that I studied for two years at Goldsmiths (London University), and gained a diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I also have qualifications in Psychological Coaching, Personal Coaching, Stress Management and Performance Coaching.

I have practised in Harley Street for 18 years. Most of my clients come because of relationship difficulties. I also see people who are anxious or depressed, or who have weight issues or eating disorders. In recent years, I?ve also started to see people who are having difficulties in adjusting to getting older ? or who need help in dealing with illness or ageing in their partners. Additionally, I see adults who have problems in the work place.

When people are thinking about getting therapy or coaching, they are often bewildered at the choices available. They don?t know what to opt for, or what actually happens during therapy, or what it?s likely to cost. This article on psychotherapy, which I wrote for the Netdoctor website, explains how to choose your therapist and what to expect from the process.

At present, I am unable to take on any new clients in Harley Street. However, I am offering some counselling and coaching by phone. This is a much cheaper option than face-to-face therapy. If you are interested in help of this kind, please email for further information about the practice.