Christine Webber


29 years after my first novel, In Honour Bound, I have written a second one. Here it is.

A year after her surgeon husband dumps her for a younger model, Cambridgeshire GP Annie Templeton wakes up, having had a saucy dream about a newscaster, and feels suddenly that life as a single woman could be fun.

Who'd Have Thought It? is the story of how she gets back into dating against a backdrop of all the turbulence of mid-life - which includes supporting grown up children, managing ageing parents, helping various friends with their dramas and transitions, and pursuing a full time career.

This 'turbulence' is something that comes up again and again when I talk to people in mid-life. I think we're all wondering why life isn't calming down yet!

I have described this new novel as a romantic comedy, because it is, but it also embraces many very serious issues. I hope you like it.

Since publication day, I've been interviewed about it on a number of radio stations, including BBC Radio London, BBC Cambridgeshire, BBC Northampton, BBC Guernsey, BBC Solent, BBC Surrey and Sussex, Siren Radio and as the 'sofa guest' on Lesley Dolphin's programme on BBC Suffolk. There have been web interviews too. This one with Jane C Woods on her fabulous site, Changing People and another by Maggie Christensen

Also, I was delighted by this blog review from Writer Anne Stormont. And do check out my Amazon reviews, which so far have been great.

Other books include How to Mend a Broken Heart and my guide to living and ageing well for female babyboomers, Too Young to Get Old. Also two ebooks published by Bloomsbury Reader - Get the Self-Esteem Habit and Get the Happiness Habit.

I am also currently working as the psychological consultant to a forthcoming book by Katie Piper. And I write regularly for the health supplement in The Spectator and Europe's top health website, Netdoctor.