Value Yourself


Value Yourself – and Make Life Easier I see a lot of people who are distressed about their relationships. And I also see individuals who have problems at work. Now, the thing is that we can’t guarantee to change other people to make our lives simpler or pleasanter. But we can change ourselves. And often that makes all the difference in difficult situations. You see, a lot of problems are made...



Mindfulness is a seriously hot topic these days. But it’s been an important plank in Buddhism for centuries. In fact, learning how to maintain calm and intent awareness in every aspect of life is one of the ‘factors of enlightenment’. In recent years, the western world has begun to realise how helpful mindfulness can be. As a result, it has been embraced by many psychologists and psychotherapists...

Too Old to be Bold?


Those of us who were born between 1945 and 1965 have had a charmed existence compared with previous generations. But though the public perception of a baby boomer is someone who’s had it all, and who is brimming with confidence and fun, some individuals feel that they have been too timid to get the most out of life and that they haven’t been able to grasp the many advantages that have come the...