It’s Who We Are

Title: It's Who We Are
Published by: On Call
Release Date: 16th January 2018
Pages: 352
ISBN13: 978-0995454033

This is a story about identity and change, and it reflects the turbulence so many of us experience in mid-life just when we had assumed we would feel stable and secure.

The novel takes place in Norfolk, where all the main characters were born, as well as in London and the west coast of Ireland.

As we grow older, and deal with the deaths of our parents, we can stumble upon family secrets that shock us to the core. The surprise in this book is beyond what the characters, or indeed any reader, might ever imagine could happen. And poses the question: are you really sure you know who you are?

A contemporary novel, the story is played out against the background of the current political upheaval we are all dealing with, but is ultimately a feel-good book about love, possibilities, and the invaluable richness of friendship.

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