I see people, most commonly on Zoom these days, with worries about ageing, their health and their relationships. Usually, we also address underlying issues such as poor self-esteem or lack of confidence. But I must stress that these days I no longer offer in-depth therapy. Instead, the focus is on making pragmatic, practical and behavioural changes. In other words, though one cannot dismiss the past, we will be looking forwards rather than back.
Sessions last one hour, or 90 minutes, and the fees are tailored as much as possible to what people can afford.

NEW FOR 2023
Thinking in terms of the model for all sorts of organisations including Alcoholics Anonymous and slimming groups, it occurred to me that some people might like to come to positive ageing sessions with friends, family or colleagues so that they could support each other through a period of change. This might also be helpful in terms of cost as they can share the fee that I would normally charge a single client. I think this may prove popular as we try to find our way through the current cost-of-living crisis.
Please contact me through this website if you’re interested, and I will set up a phone chat to discuss further.