For twenty years, I had a psychotherapy and coaching practice in Harley Street, which I shared with my late husband Dr David Delvin.  

This all stopped when he became terminally ill in 2016. But during the initial lockdown, a number of adults sought my support, and this led me to re-start my coaching practice – remotely. 

I ‘see’ people with worries about ageing, their health, their relationships in the workplace or with partners or friends, and also offer help with self-esteem and confidence issues. But I must stress that I’m not offering in-depth therapy and the emphasis is on making pragmatic, practical and behavioural changes. In other words, though one cannot dismiss the past, we will be looking forward rather than back.  

Sessions last one hour, or 90 minutes, and the fees are tailored as much as possible to what people can afford. 

And now, for January 2021, there is something NEW! 

New Year is customarily the time we decide we must get in shape and change our ways to benefit our body, mind and longevity. This year, despite the drama of Covid-19, is no exception. And I’ve noticed on social media that though they may have to do it differently, many individuals want to use this bizarre time to kick start their year with better habits. And good for them! So, I’ve decided to respond to that trend in my own coaching practice and am offering the chance for people to work with me to understand why they eat rather than focus too much on what they consume. This is important. Our attitude to our bodies and food is bound up with our emotions. I also want to help clients look closely at their lifestyle and at what prevents them from achieving their ambition to be fitter and healthier.  

Normally, the coaching process is very personal – one to one over Zoom. But interestingly, a group of three friends have asked if they can have coaching about their weight together so they can share their difficulties – with me and with each other.  They feel this will increase their sense of being supported through the process and obviously it’s going to be cheaper for them than individual coaching. We’re going to give this a go! 

But most men and women will want personal sessions, so I’m offering a special rate for January – two sessions, lasting an hour each, with at least one week’s gap between them – for £45.  Group rates will be slightly different depending on how many individuals want to work together. 

Meanwhile, Number 16 of my positive ageing videos is about weight loss so you might want to take a look at that first.  And if you’d then like to know more about coaching, please contact me by email: