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Latest novel – recently shortlisted for the Selfies Novel Award


“…it’s a life-enhancing read, hopeful and uplifting, filled with possibilities, a slice of real life with its everyday struggles and challenges, filled with humour but with significant moments of real sadness…”

“A beautiful story, very well written, and in my opinion, the author’s best work”….


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Date: 4th November 2022
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: The Corn Hall, Diss

Sample audiobook narration

Audiobooks can seem like a monumental challenge. I think I can help reduce some of the pressure by narrating their book for them at a highly competitive rate.

As a medical journalist, I am also happy to narrate health and scientific books. 

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Mindfulness is a seriously hot topic these days. But it’s been an important plank in Buddhism for centuries. In fact, learning how to maintain calm and intent awareness in every aspect of life is one of the ‘factors of enlightenment’. In recent years, the western world has begun to realise how helpful mindfulness can be. As a result, it has been embraced by many psychologists and psychotherapists...