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Set in London in the mid-1980s – a decade of opportunity where everything seemed possible – Helen Bartlett, a popular news presenter and Sam Aziz, a glamorous middle-eastern cardiac surgeon, meet on a live TV programme. They dislike each other on sight, and the interview is a disaster. However, a chance second-meeting leads to a great passion and soon they are desperately in love. But soon the differences in their cultural backgrounds begin to manifest themselves. And a debt of honour that Sam cannot ignore returns to haunt him.

Do they have to relinquish the most magical relationship either of them has ever known? Can they find a way out of their dilemmas? Or do they have to accept that no matter how modern we are, we cannot fly in the face of the traditions that served, and shaped us, for centuries?

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Audiobooks can seem like a monumental challenge. I think I can help reduce some of the pressure by narrating their book for them at a highly competitive rate.

As a medical journalist, I am also happy to narrate health and scientific books. 

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