Positive Ageing – column


I write a fortnightly column for East Anglian newspapers all about positive ageing. If there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, please get in touch.

15/11/2021OPINION: Nominating a Crisis Buddy can help when confidence is low
It’s all about the confidence… nominating a Crisis Buddy can help you when self-esteem is low
18/10/2021OPINION: Why lighting a candle can help you deal with grief in winter
Christine Webber says lighting a candle or planting a shrub in memory of a lost family member or friend can work wonders through dark winter months
3/10/2021OPINION: Don’t be an autumn hermit! We should embrace the darker months
Christine Webber urges people not to stay in and hide away this autumn but instead get out, meet people and do fun things together
20/09/2021OPINION: Why a hello and goodbye kiss can save a relationship
Most marriages start with a kiss – and keeping that greeting going during them can really help, says Christine Webber
06/09/2021OPINION: September’s a chance to rescue the shambles of August
Christine Webber says it’s time to get back on track this September
09/08/2021Shocking comments aimed at RNLI show woeful unkindness
Comments that the RNLI are offering a “migrant taxi service” show a lack of humanity, argues Christine Webber
26/07/2021OPINION: Don’t be alarmed if you are turning into your parents
Don’t be alarmed if you find you pick up the some traits and interests as your parents as you get older, says Christine
12/07/2021OPINION: Don’t panic as restrictions ease, do things at your own pace
Christine says there is no point in panicking about things as the world begins to open up again
28/06/2021OPINION: Revisiting friends from our youths has many benefits
Christine says we long to reconnect with childhood friends when we get older to yearn for simpler times
14/06/2021OPINION: Summer 2021 is a balance between normality and simplicity
Getting stressed about something as trivial as traffic queues seems crazy in the post-lockdown world, says Christine
31/05/2021OPINION: Now is the wrong time to start complaining about anything
Christine Webber says we should ignore complainers as we exit lockdown
17/05/2021OPINION: How you can get some Purpose, Structure and Balance in your life
Taking time out for yourself and getting clarity in your own mind is vital for your well being, says Christine Webber
03/05/2021Seven steps to making May the month you get back in shape
A warm breakfast like porridge – with optional nuts and berries – will give you a great start to the day. Christine sometimes has two bowls a day!
19/04/2021It’s fine to walk and not run straight into post-lockdown life
Christine suggests everything from exercise classes to working in an office to meeting up with friends may seem a little strange as lockdown rules ease
22/03/2021How celebrating yourself can help ease you back into post-lockdown life
Christine Webber says you can aid your return to post-lockdown life by celebrating what’s good about you
08/03/2021App-y days are here to stay if you’re brave and embrace modern technology
Walking and fitness apps can be a great help to your health, especially in lockdown, says Christine Webber
22/02/2021Better parenting and ditching stale friendships – how lockdown changed us
Dads in particular have had more time to spend with their children as they both spend more time at home during the week – one of the positives of lockdown, says Christine Webber
08/02/2021The kindness of strangers is remarkable and heartwarming
Christine Webber became emotional when she received her invitation to have her Covid-19 vaccination
25/01/2021How to get things done and survive these dull winter lockdown days
Are days passing you by and you’re getting nothing done?
11/01/2021How I’ve helped to reduce my back pain during lockdown
28/12/2020Our gift to the NHS is to stop making them cure our own self-indulgent habits
Smoke too many cigarettes and consume too much alcohol and you could be putting added pressure on the NHS, says Christine Webber
11/12/2020Small pleasures have counted for so much in 2020
Many of us have rediscovered simple pleasures, such as the joy of gardening, says Christine.
29/11/2020Moving with the times like Strictly’s Bill Bailey will make you look and feel younger
Bill Bailey, star of this year’s Strictly, has shown older people can be very active
16/11/2020Why we don’t want to be living All By Myself anymore
Columnist Christine Webber says we no longer crave our own space
01/11/2020Why it’s never been more vital to share our inner feelings
Columnist Christine Webber says now is not the time to keep things bottled up inside
19/10/2020Walking back to happiness – why going for a stroll is so good for you
Many health charities point to walking as the simplest exercise that benefits mind, body and soul. 
04/10/2020Think small, nice things and that’ll get you through the autumn blues
Simple things like the next cup of coffee or a walk in the park will help combat your autumn blues
21/09/2020Lockdown has heightened our fear of losing control – but we can handle it!
Christine Webber says we’ve handled similar restrictions on our liberty before and we can do it again
06/09/2020 Feeling stressed? Only you can do something about it
Columnist Christine Webber has some advice if you’re getting a bit stressed by the events of 2020 so far
23/08/2020 You’re not losing your memory, just forgetting how to remember
Christine says many of us forget things, but simple measures such as writing things down or using songs or rhymes to remember things can help
10/08/2020 What are the secrets of the ‘super agers’?
Our columnist explores ways in which to age well.
27/07/2020Time to give the children in your life a summer to remember after coronavirus woes
So many children have faced major disruption to their young lives over the past six months that it’s up to the adults in their lives to give them a blast over the next few weeks, says Christine Webber
12/07/2020Over eaten during lockdown? There’s a simple trick to getting back in shape
Christine Webber has had plenty of dealings with problem eaters over the years – and has one great bit of advice if you’ve piled on the pounds during lockdown
29/06/2020 Life’s complete now there’s another heartbeat in the house
Columnist Christine Webber realised something was missing in her life as lockdown set in. Now she’s found out just what it was…
14/06/2020Have your sleep patterns been compromised by coronavirus crisis?
Struggling to shut down at the end of the day during lockdown? Christine Webber has nine tips to make sure you sleep easy at night.
31/05/2020 Stop kidding yourself chaps and take a good look at your own health
Technology changes mean it’s never been easier to speak to your doctor, which is something plenty of men need to do, says Christine Webber.
17/05/2020 A quiz, a language or ironing with the wrong hand – keep your brain engaged
Christine Webber says its so important to keep the brain engaged as we get older, especially of many of us are spending more time on their own
04/05/2020 Is it finally becoming OK to talk about weight now?
It’s human nature to try to look for the positives. Christine Webber sees several: including that Covid-19 might finally start to break down taboos around weight and obesity
20/04/2020 How lockdown could literally change your life
Christine Webber says many of her friends are thinking of completely overhauling their lives after lockdown. Although this phase of our lives has been very challenging, perhaps there is a chance to turn it into something truly radical?
04/07/2020 Coronavirus has sorted out the heroes from the villains
As we all deal with the impact of coronavirus, the nation seems to have naturally championed those who deserve our praise and, as Christine Webber suggests, filtered out those for whom we have diminishing respect
22/03/2020 Structure, helping others and doing a jigsaw will all help right now!
Well you’ve survived a weekend of staying inside. But what now? Christine Webber offers some tips for how to get through this week
09/03/2020 Don’t worry be happy, seems to be the apt mantra right now
Taking joy in the little things is the way to get through each day, says Christine Webber
23/02/2020Marriage on the rocks? Go back to the start and remember why you first fell in love
Christine Webber says its best go back to basics and the start of your relationship if your marriage has gone a tad stale
10/02/2020 The importance of good friends and good health as we get older
Having a good friend is not only vital to get you through life’s daily troubles but it will also enhance your health and possibly prolong your life, says Christine Webber
30/01/2020 Can we do anything to stop dementia?
Christine Webber’s mother suffered from Alzheimer’s so she has more reason than most to investigate brain health
12/01/2020 How to say ‘no’ if you really have to
Christine Webber says it pays to put yourself first when dealing with a difficult situation
29/12/2019 Be SMART and you really can achieve goals in 2020
Thinking of making a new year’s resolution? Be positive and realistic and you can get there, says Christine Webber
15/12/2019 How to this survive Christmas if you’re not exactly full of festive cheer
Christmas can be a time some people want to avoid – but there are ways you can get through it without being down
01/12/2019 My two tips to make sure you never get old
You can deal with getting older by staying fit and positive, says Christine Webber (aged 72 and three quarters)