Dr David Delvin


(28.1.39 – 9.3.18)

As many of you know, my husband, David Delvin, died, very peacefully in a hospice on March 9th. He had been ill for almost two years. We always knew he was not going to get better, but we focused on enjoying our days together till the end. He was the most wonderful and amazing man. A true romantic. The best possible companion. A bringer of laughter. A rugged individualist. My other half. My soul mate. He was also a good, kind and honourable person. Plus, he had a highly successful career as a doctor, writer and broadcaster – during which he helped masses of people – and his legacy will live on.

In this part of the website, I will post comments about David, links to his obituaries and some samples of his work. My world is much emptier as a result of his death and this section of the website is my tribute to him and a way of keeping his achievements on record.

One year on ~ 9.3.19

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Remembering Dr David Delvin
at the Royal Society of Medicine July 24th 2018

January 28th 2019 would have been David’s 80th birthday had he lived. 
A group of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire friends who knew him in our early days all got together at The George Hotel to remember him. It was a lovely evening.