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‘Life begins at 70’ says former TV star as she releases her new novel

Agenda with Martyn Lewis
It’s Who We Are by Christine Webber

Posted in the Magazine (Tell Your Own Story: Tell Your Own Story.

Interview with Christine Webber and Lesley Dolphin

Interview on Radio Suffolk – 22nd June 2018

Interview with Christine Webber on her latest book

We worked with the wonderful Christine back in 2016 on her first novel Who’d Have Thought It? so we were very excited in 2017 when she came back to print her latest novel It’s Who We Are at Clays!

Five on Friday with Christine Webber @1chriswebber
Writer’s Block With Christine Webber

SOPHIE GRENHAM talks to author CHRISTINE WEBBER about her media career, BREXIT and MATURE APPEAL …

Virtual Book Club:

Christine Webber introduces It’s Who We Are